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Why your business needs Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Passwords have been the primary form of authentication since the beginning of the Internet. It has become almost impossible to secure a computer, mobile or online account with just a password. This is due to cyberattacks, malware and data breaches.

Some reasons why every business should require MFA for their devices and platforms:

  • Two-thirds of people use the same password for all logins

  • 90% of passwords can be cracked in less than six hours

  • Cybercriminals have the ability to test billions of passwords every second

What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi factor authentication is also known as 2FA and two-step verification. It’s an extra layer of security in addition to a user name and password for every device or platform your employees access.

Step one of the authentication process is the traditional username and password. Step two of MFA requires the user to provide another piece of information to complete the login. Such as:

  1. Using an authenticator app (Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator)

  2. Verification code – one time passcode sent to a cell phone or email that must be entered to log in

  3. Answers to personal security questions

This second step (multi) of authenticating makes it almost impossible for cyber-attackers to breach accounts. This significantly reduces the likelihood of data loss, identify theft and fraud.

How to use two-factor authentication to secure your business

Companies that use any cloud-based software and/or have employees sign in through a remote desktop should require MFA for all users.

Comp Solutions, LLC recommends WatchGuard’s AuthPoint MFA. AuthPoint is an app installed a cell phone that requires users to approve the login request.

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