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What is cloud computing and can it help your business?

Cloud computing is a term referred to storing and accessing data over the internet. It does not store any data on the hard disk of your personal computer. You access data on a remote server.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

· Flexibility

· Mobility

· Unlimited storage capacity

· Quick Deployment

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

· Performance Can Vary

· Technical Issues

· Security Threat in the Cloud

· Internet Connectivity

· Lower Bandwidth


Cloud Computing is a fast growing part of network-based computing and is here to stay. However, most small to medium businesses (SMB’s) are better served by a hybrid approach of off premise (cloud based) and on premise (in house).

SMB sample scenario:

-Cost of on premise server with installation: $7,500 with life expectancy of 5-7 years = $1,071-$1,500 annually

-Cost of off premise server: $300 per month = $3600 annually It is always best to have an IT professional calculate the cost, advantages and disadvantages of off premise versus on premise for your particular business.

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