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People’s Republic of China (PRC) State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Exploit Network Providers and Devices

This joint Cybersecurity Advisory describes the ways in which People’s Republic of China (PRC) state-sponsored cyber actors continue to exploit publicly known vulnerabilities in order to establish a broad network of compromised infrastructure.

These actors use the network to exploit a wide variety of targets worldwide, including public and private sector organizations.

PRC state-sponsored cyber actors readily exploit vulnerabilities to compromise unpatched network devices. Network devices, such as Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) routers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, serve as additional access points to route command and control (C2) traffic and act as midpoints to conduct network intrusions on other entities.

Best Practices:

• Apply patches as soon as possible

• Disable unnecessary ports and protocols

• Replace end-of-life infrastructure

• Implement a centralized patch management system

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