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Windows 11 Migration: What Your Business Needs to Know (from Comp Solutions, LLC)

Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 October 14, 2025. If your Windows 10 computer is seven years or older at that time then a new computer will be required. If less than seven years and if compatible then upgrade to Windows 11.

It is best to have the Windows 11 upgrade done by an IT professional to make certain all your software and hardware will be compatible and to handle any glitches or problems.

Windows 11 is more of a refresh than a full reinvention. Right now you should upgrade for one of two reasons: You are a heavy multitasker, or you simply want a better-looking Windows.

Most Windows 10 users are eligible to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. A tool can be run to make sure your computer is compatible and meets the system requirements. The real limiter is the CPU model, which needs to be from about the last four years.

Windows 11 borrows heavily from Google's lightweight desktop design. It remains nearly functionally identical to Windows 10, with some new features and conveniences added in.

The new Taskbar now sits at the center and sports a much more minimal and attractive look similar to Macs and Chromebooks. Windows 11 provides an ETA on how long a software update will take when you choose the “Update and Shut Down” or “Update and Restart” options.

Multitasking is better in that you can now create multiple virtual desktops, each with their own sets of open apps.

Contact us today to discuss your upgrade / migration. We may be reached at:

412-551-0361 (phone or text)

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