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Working from home 101: Every remote worker's guide to the essential tools for telecommuting

Even after COVID-19 antivirus most employees will continue to work from home. Comp Solutions, LLC offers recommendations, implementation and testing for all of the following essential tools to keep your employees engaged and productive:

Remote Desktop Want to access your network files of office computer files from home? You will need a good remote desktop app. Same goes for workers who are a hundred percent remote but have a home desktop they want to access while traveling.

Real-Time Communication Apps Whether you're down the hall or halfway around the world, real-time team chat is beneficial. This spares email inboxes and reduces the number of clunky ccs and bccs you need to manage.

Video chat If you have team meetings, brainstorming or trying to stick to an agenda that include lots of remote workers then video chat is a must have.

Project Management Essential for a remote work force is task management, messaging, collaboration, file sharing, scheduling, reporting, and clearly identifying who is working on what and when.

Time management Companies need to schedule tasks and track the time spent on projects in real time. Contractors like to track billable hours or teams to keep track of how much time different projects and tasks are taking.

How can remote workers minimize security vulnerabilities? One of the problems with distributed workforces is that remote workers make prime targets for those wishing to exploit vulnerabilities. That's a huge concern if your employees are dealing with sensitive data, proprietary information and client contracts.

Comp Solutions, LLC will discuss all that apply to your company.

Don't delay, contact us today for your free, no obligation Working from home 101 estimate.


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